Dokuz Eylul University

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) ( )is one of the largest and most prestigious public research universities in Turkiye, with a rich history of providing high-quality education and conducting cutting-edge research. Founded in 1982, DEU has since become a hub of research and education in the Aegean Region, attracting students from all over Turkiye and around the world.

DEU, with 69,661 students including 4,942 international students from 98 countries, has 18 faculties, 10 graduate schools and institutes, two schools, a state conservatory, six vocational schools, 49 research and application centers, a hospital, and DEPARK (DEU Technology Development Zone), DETTO (DEU Technology Transfer Office), more than 300 research laboratories, and over 3,080 faculty members, 3,112 administrative staff. Its institutes have gained national and international recognition for their education, research, and practice ( ). DETTO services services are provided in five main groups: promotion, project development, intellectual and industrial property rights patenting and entrepreneurship services as well as consulting services regarding collaboration between universities and the industry. DEPARK provides an ecosystem providing the fundamental infrastructure needed for the process of creating qualified technological enterprises from R&D and innovative creative ideas. The infrastructure opportunities, such as the laboratories and research centres, the social facilities and the competencies of the academic supervisors will significantly contribute to the scientific development of the candidates.

DEU benefits from its strategic location in the city of Izmir, which is a hub of cultural, economic, and educational activity in Turkiye. Izmir is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and is known for its mild Mediterranean climate, multicultural social life, and strong economy. Izmir is also home to six state universities and two private universities.

DEU has academic collaboration projects established with 87 universities from 32 different countries, Erasmus agreements with 356 universities. It has a strong commitment to internationalization, and in 2018, it was selected as one of the 20 pilot universities by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) for implementing the internationalization strategy. Moreover, YOK conferred the Research University designation on Dokuz Eylul University in 2021. The university was awarded the “Institutional Accreditation Certificate” within the scope of the “2021 Institutional Accreditation Program” by the Higher Education Quality Council (YOKAK) in June 2022. DEU is ranked 159th in the GreenMetric ranking as of 2023. 

DEU is one of the high performing universities in Turkiye with regards to EU funded projects. For instance, within the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 program by October 2023 DEU ranked 8th in all universities in Turkiye regarding the number of projects participated. DEU publishes 20 open access journals the fields of science, engineering, architecture, marine, health, and social sciences.

Overall, DEU is a leading research university in Turkiye with a strong commitment to providing high-quality international education and conducting cutting-edge research. Its internationalization efforts and strategic location in Izmir make it an attractive destination for students and scholars from around the world.