Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I submit my application?
Applications should be submitted via the ECO-SPHERE Application Portal.

Can I submit an application via email?
No, all applications must be submitted online via the ECO-SPHERE Application Portal. If you encounter any issues during the application process, please contact us at for assistance.

Are the provided templates mandatory for use?
Yes, applicants are required to utilize the provided templates. These templates, along with the Guide for Applicants and the Terms and Conditions documents, contain all pertinent information.

Am I allowed to resubmit a previous application?
Certainly, resubmissions are both accepted and encouraged! Please keep in mind that ECO-SPHERE application is unique, and you should adhere to the specific requirements outlined in the ECO-SPHERE application guidelines.

Are applicants who obtained their PhD in Turkey eligible for this fellowship?
Yes, applicants who completed their PhD in Turkiye are eligible to apply, provided they also meet the standard transnational mobility eligibility criterion. If you completed your PhD in Turkiye and subsequently pursued work abroad, you may still be eligible to return to Turkiye to undertake this fellowship.

Is there an age restriction for applicants?
No, there is no age limit for applicants. We encourage applications from individuals who may have followed non-traditional paths in their research careers.

Is it possible to apply for multiple positions with multiple supervisors?
Yes, you may submit multiple applications. However, only one application will be funded if accepted.

Is it obligatory to contact our proposed supervisor before submitting our application?
Yes, it is necessary to establish contact with your proposed supervisor and obtain an acceptance letter prior to the application deadline.

Do applicants need a letter of consent from the researchers with whom we want to work?
Yes, a specific letter of consent from the supervisor is needed.

Can journal articles that are under review at the time of proposal submission be included in the CV?
Yes, manuscripts that are currently under review can be listed in the CV. However, it’s important to clearly distinguish between fully published papers and those still under review.

Is alignment between the PhD research experience and the proposed project necessary?
While not mandatory, if your prior research relates to the proposed project, it could enhance your application.

Is a letter of consent required from the supervisors I plan to collaborate with?
Yes, it’s necessary to obtain a specific letter of consent from the supervisor.

Is it possible to transfer my fellowship to another institution?
No, the fellowship is associated exclusively with either YTU or DEU.

Is the inclusion of secondments obligatory for the proposal?
No, secondments are not mandatory. When considering whether to include a secondment, ensure that it enhances and supplements your application rather than being included arbitrarily. Additionally, it’s worth noting that secondments can be incorporated post-fellowship commencement, utilizing the broader support framework offered by ECO-SPHERE.

Are costs associated with the secondment separate from the annual research costs?
No, secondment expenses will be covered within the designated research budget, which is equivalent to the research Training and Network costs typically allocated in standard MSCA projects.”

What is the salary offered?
A gross monthly salary of 3980 € will be provided, subject to applicable taxes and deductions.

Is it feasible to defer the start of the grant, if awarded, and if so, for how long?
Yes, deferring the start of the grant is possible, subject to certain limitations. Please reach out to us at for further guidance. However, it is preferable for appointed Fellows to join the program promptly after receiving an offer.

Are there provisions for maternity leave available to female candidates?
Yes, maternity leave is available for eligible Fellows. The specific duration and benefits provided will vary based on individual circumstances, including contractual agreements and local regulations.

How do I initiate a patent application?
If the research outputs are deemed appropriate for protection, the Technology Transfer Office at the respective host institution will provide assistance throughout the patent application process.

What options are available if I am dissatisfied with my evaluation results?
Applicants who are unsatisfied with any stage of the evaluation process (e.g., eligibility checks, remote review, interview) can seek redress.