KalyonPV (Kalyon Gunes Teknolojileri Uretim A.S.)

KalyonPV is an industrial leader in solar energy technologies in Turkiye with its experience in producing different types of solar cells. With more than 100 R&D personnel, KalyonPV mainly focuses on R&D in the areas of prototype studies for semi-conductor ingot and wafer production, which constitutes the basis of chip technology, TOPCon panel technology and Gallium doped panels, Perovskite and multilayer cell technologies, Development of wafer slicing techniques, N-Type monocrystalline ingot, wafer production, Flexible Panel studies for applicability on curved floors and ESS studies. Within ECO-SPHERE KalyonPV will host researchers mainly in research topics involving ingot, wafer, cell and module production. KalyonPV has participated in 3 Horizon Europe projects so far, being a coordinator in one of them, mainly on clean energy technologies.